Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Differences in Buying a Goose Down Comforter or an Alternative Down or Synthetic Filled Comforter

Many people do not know what would be better for them when purchasing a new comforter. Many think that down is not good for those with allergies, but studies have shown that is it not normally the down that creates the allergy problem and most downs are washed throughouly to avoid any allergic reactions to them. Most believe that down insulation is made of feathers. Actually, down is the fluffy undercoating of a bird's plumage (geese, ducks) and looks like dandelion fluff when you blow on them. There are many different geese that provide for goose down comforters including Canadian Geese, Hungarian Geese, Siberian Geese and Eiderdown just to name a few. Down works for you just like it works for the bird; it keeps you warm by trapping body heat within its tiny clusters. Because it is also breathable, down allows unwanted moisture to escape. Most comforters that are made with goose down are white so matching any decor is a snap and it is cost effective if you only have to buy a duvet cover to change the look. A duvet cover keeps the comforter clean and is much easier to wash yourself.

Down is rated according to fill power. This means the number of cubic inches one ounce of down will occupy. For example, if one ounce of down takes up 650 cubic inches, it is given a 650 fill power rating. Loft refers to the thickness of the insulating material in a sleeping bag or comforter. High quality down has a high fill power and is much loftier than down of a lower quality, requiring fewer ounces of down to create insulating warmth. Down comforters however, are normally more expensive then its alternative.

Synthetics or Alternative Downs are water resistant and provide insulation when wet. Many actually will shed water rather than absorb it making it much more resistant to moisture. Alternative downs or synthetics also dry very quickly because moisture gets trapped in the air pockets between fibers rather than in the fibers themselves. Alternative Down or Synthetic Comforters are generally less expensive then down and are normally machine washable and dryable making care for them easier. Because synthetics or alternative down are man made, they are for the most part, hypoallergenic. Alternative or synthetic down comforters are less expensive than real goose down and can come in a variety of colors since they are not from the real goose.

When you have decided to shop for a comforter for yourself, you should ask yourself what you intend it to do. If you want the warmth, light weight and fluffiness, you will want to consider the Goose Down comforter. If you are looking for semi thick, warm but thin, you will look at the synthetic filled or alternative down comforter. Whatever your choice, you will be happy with it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Easy Way to Install a Duvet Cover

Lay your comforter or duvet flat on your bed. Lay the duvet cover out facing up (zipper or buttons at the foot of the bed). Push the comforter or duvet about half way inside the duvet cover. Make sure you know where the corner is and find the top corner of the duvet cover and match it with the top corner of the comforter. Do the same with the other side.

Think of it like a great big pillowcase and you are stuffing the pillow into it. Once you have the corners matched, shake it out to even out the comforter inside the duvet cover. Stuff in the bottom of the comforter and zipper or button up the duvet cover closed. Shake it out once again and lay it on the bed.

Easily done and only one person to do it.

How to Wash a Down Comforter Yourself

Down comforters, well any comforter for that matter, are huge. If you have one of the new efficient gigantic washing machines you can do this at home, but if you don't you will want to go to a laundromat that has these machines. You do not want to shove your comforter into a machine and have it too tight because it won't clean properly and the down will move to sections of the comforter that you don't want them to move to.

Once you've finished washing the down comforter, place it in a big dryer with a couple of tennis balls. The balls help agitate or keep the comforter fluffed while drying. You are going to want to check on it every 1/2 hour to hour to make sure you keep moving it around. It is a good idea to actually take it out each time and put it back in the dryer in a different position. This keeps it drying evenly and will not leave burn marks on your comforter. Keep in mind that it may take you all day to dry a down comforter but it can save you money in the long run.

If this is not for you, dry cleaners love down comforters.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cover Your Bed in new colors and change the decor of your bedroom.

Decorating your bedroom is probably the most personal decision you make in your home. You can drastically change the decor of the room fairly inexpensively with a change in your bed comforter set. You can choose a duvet cover set with different colored sheets and decorative throw pillows. A duvet cover set is very pretty, easy to clean and can be changed very easily. I changed our bedroom around and then added a new duvet and cover, solid colored sheets (fitted and bottom different colors) and changed up the pillow cases to a different color as well. When we walked into our bedroom it felt like a brand new room altogether and it was all done for under $500.

We have 4 children and of course their tastes are all different. In order to make their bedrooms unique to them with the colors they most liked, we did something similar to our room. I bought 5 sets of sheets, 4 duvet covers and 4 sets of pillow cases. We made sure each bed was the same size when we decorated their rooms and since we did that, making their color changes were very easy. I took the sheets and covers and mixed them up and did each room with the duvet cover as their favorite color. We made sure that when you fold down the top of the duvet cover, the sheets were a different color and the pillows were different as well. What was nice in doing that, was once a week I would change up the colors in their sheets and they had a new bedroom with a very easy change. Duvets and covers also make it very easy for your child to actually “make their bed”. When they only have to throw up the covers and the bed looks made, it makes it so that they can actually do it. If you children are like mine, it looks like a bomb went off in their rooms and no matter how much you do to make it easy for them, they cannot pick anything up off the floor. At least now their beds look half decent and I know they are clean. If your kids are anything like mine!

When I decided to do this to our rooms, I began searching for sites that sell comforter sets, bed sheet sets, pillows and duvet covers but had a hard time finding what I was looking for. It was then that I decided to take a course and learn how to design and build my own site. If you are looking to make a change in your bedroom, please give me a visit at and see how easy it can be.